The thorazine must<br>be wearing off.

The thorazine must
be wearing off.

It was shortly after 9:00am when the phone rang.  There was a pause and the a click and then the inevitable thick-accented voice claiming to be from Microsoft. Yes,  I know you have detected a virus,  malware or some other digital nastiness  that requires me to log into your magical website that will make me rich thin and beautiful while it secretly encrypts my data.  Then you can force me to pay you bit coin for the encryption key.

Come on guys (and gals – yes I’ve had some female scammers as well), I know there are people who fall for this but you must know by now that I ain’t one of them.  While I do have some fun at times yanking your chain, this is really getting tedious.  Can’t you put me on some list for a different scam just to keep things fresh?

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